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Tool Holders in Westlake Village, CA

You can rely on R&K Machinery Central Inc. for all your machinery needs, including tool holders in Westlake Village, CA. Our tool holder equipment and attachment inventory changes daily. Please contact us to check new items and availability.

Tool Holders in Westlake Village, CA Tool Holder Equipment in Westlake Village, CA Machinery Dealer in Westlake Village, CA High Quality Machinery in Westlake Village, CA


(4) Single ER11 live back working holder #541-61 

(2) Single ER16 live back working holder #571-61

(2) Slitting/saw attachment #541-53 New

(1) Standard side cross rotary tool holder SR20R ER16 #331-50-00

(1) 3-Position Front Face Mill


(3) Double out #431-51-0 ER16

(2) Front drill #201-52 ER11

(1) Double er11 front face/back Face #201-56

(1) Double static drill sleeve #781-13-01

(2) Double out FRONT & BACK Face Mill #431-59-00 ER11

Citizen M32/E32

(2) New static #CDF-901 3-position ID drill holder w/coolant

STAR SV20 / Ecas20

(2) Thread Whirling #421-73

(1) Single out Front & Back Face Mill #221-56-02

(2) Double 2x out cross drill #421-51 

(1) Static 1-Position OD Turning #781-03

(1) Static 3-Position ID Drill 32mm drill sleeves included #421-11

(1) Static 3-Posiiton ID Drill 22mm drill sleeve included #421-12

(1) Static 3-Position OD Turning front #431-92

(1) Static 3-position OD turning back #421-93

(1) Adjustable Angular Milling/Drilling Attachment

(1) Slotting attachment

Citizen F12/16/ E16

Large assortment live and static OD ID (100+ units)